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Competition Descriptions

Outfit of Choice: This is an opportunity for the children to showcase their personalities. The Outfit can be anything they choose, a dress, a costume, jeans and a t-shirt….anything goes! Just remember to keep it age appropriate and if props are used the child must be able to carry them in their hands, no large on stage props are allowed. Upbeat, fun music will be played. You will not be able to play your own music for this competition. The Outfit of Choice will also be worn for the Opening Number.

Evening Wear: Flower Girl dresses, Baby Doll dresses, Sunday Best dresses, Pageant dresses…the dress is not the focus, it’s the child in the dress. Sparkles and Rhinestones are allowed. You will see all kinds of dresses at the Pageant. There will be very plain dresses that would be worn to church or a school concert. There will also be very ornate dresses that would be considered professional pageant dresses. The dress that you choose to wear will be just fine. This pageant is not about the dress, but how you project your grace and personality on stage while in the dress. As long as the dress fits well and flatters you, it will be perfect. We prefer that large hair and flippers are not used. Light make up can be worn as long as it’s appropriate.

On Stage Interview: The interview will be conducted during the Evening Wear Competition. This competition is only open to those children 9 and over. Don’t worry about the interview portion of the competition. If you can answer your name, your age, your favorite foods or colors or tell us about your pet, you have this competition under control!! The competition is to give another opportunity to let those personalities shine and gain confidence and control on stage.

Grand Supreme Queen: The two contestants (Ages 3-8 and Ages 9 and Over) with the highest combined scores in Outfit of Choice, Evening Wear and On Stage Interview.

Division Queen: The contestant in each age group with the highest combined scores in Outfit of Choice, Evening Wear and On Stage Interview that does not win the Grand Supreme Queen.

Photogenic Competition: Each contestant can enter up to 3 8X10 Black and White or Color photographs to be judged in this competition. The highest score of all the photos entered will be used for the competition. This is not a glitz pageant, so photos with enhancements or airbrushing will be disqualified.

Portfolio Competition: If you enter 3 photographs in the Photogenic Competition you will be automatically entered in the Portfolio Competition. The combined score of all of the photographs you entered will be your score.

Twinkliest Hair~Smile~Eyes: The Judges will score this competition during the Evening Wear Competition. You don’t need to do anything other than let that beautiful smile and personality shine!

Twinkliest Personality: All Contestants are automatically entered in this Competition. The Judges will be looking for this winner during all of the Competitions.

Twinkliest Speaker: The Judges will score this competition during the On Stage Interview portion of the Evening Wear portion of the show. Show that personality and that loud voice we all know you have and you are ready for this competition.

Judges Choice: Our Judges will be able to award Contestants with some awards of their choice. We don’t know what they will choose. It could be “The Cutest Smile With Teeth Missing” or “Our Favorite Little Firecracker” or anything else that they see that they think deserves an award!

Backstage Mom Awards: Our Backstage Moms are those that are volunteering during the Pageant weekend. They get to see how the girls act when they are not on stage in front of the Judges. Our Backstage Moms will get to award as many awards as they would like to those contestants they think deserve special recognition.

Judges Instructions

Thank You for taking time from your busy schedules to judge the Twinkling Tiaras Pageant. We appreciate your efforts and we know that being a judge in a pageant is just as hard as being a contestant!!

We are looking for girls who are intelligent; possess dignity, poise, charm, good manners, and personality!


General Judges Instructions

Please make this as positive an experience for each contestant as you can.  Smile at the contestants and put them at ease!  We encourage you to smile and wave to the young children.  Your positive response to each contestant will help them to perform better on stage and leave feeling that they did a great job.

Please do not talk to any of the contestants or their families until the competition is over.  A 'hi' is fine if you run into someone in the hall, but any discussion of the child or the competition should not occur until the completion of judging.  If anyone other than pageant staff approaches you wanting to discuss their child or the competition before judging is over, please contact the director immediately.  If after crowning you would like to talk to the parent, please discuss only their child and not the other contestants.

Please do not discuss the contestants between yourselves. Every judge’s opinion is important and we don't want one judge’s opinion to influence the opinion of another judge.

Please score each child individually.  Do not hold back on your scores.  If the first contestant on stage deserves perfect scores, give them - please do not hold back thinking that there might be another contestant who is 'better.'  More than one contestant in each group could receive perfect scores, if they deserve perfect scores.

 WE NEVER want a parent or contestant to walk out of our pageant saddened because of an extremely low score.  That is not what this is about.

Obviously, there have to be higher scores and lower scores.  If we did not have higher scores and lower scores, there would be no way to determine the winners.  However, we'd like for lower scores to be a guide for improvement and not in any way indicate that any child is undeserving.  With any lower score, we would like to see a comment to help.

We encourage judges' comments on the score sheets but please state comments in a POSITIVE way.  Examples:  "beautiful girl", "great smile", "lovely eyes" but you can also state constructive criticism in a positive way "I would love to see her in blue, would really compliment her eyes," "needs eye contact - I want to see those beautiful eyes!" This is a confidence building pageant and we want the contestants to look back at their experience as a positive one.

In a 10 point system 5 is average.  At Emerald Pageant Productions and Twinkling Tiaras Pageants, we feel that all pageant contestants are above average.  Simply because they are here, because they have the courage to get up on stage in front of the judges as well as the audience and they have worked hard to get here - those things make them above average.  We do not want to see a 5 or under at Twinkling Tiaras, 6-OK, 7 - good, 8 - great, 9 - excellent, 10 - exceptional, wow, the best I could ever imagine.  You may use up to 3 plus marks which will be used to break ties.

Most of the contestants will receive 7, 8, 9 or 10.  Again, don't hold back on those scores.  If that first child was the best you'd ever seen up to that point, give her that 10.  Don't worry about who will come NEXT, worry about the child that is on stage at that time.

When in doubt...go with your heart.

Please initial each score sheet and if you make changes, please initial.


Clothing and Makeup

This is not a glitz pageant, so the contestants have been asked "to be age appropriate" in all aspects of their competitions. Kids should look like kids. Think sweet and adorable.

Garments should always be age-appropriate for the child.

Children grow fast and sometimes it's hard to gauge how much a little one will grow when purchasing dresses a couple of months prior to the pageant. If the dress is a little too long or a little too short, it's OK. Do not reduce their score because of it.

In some age categories, a long OR short dress is commonly acceptable.  Please do not count off for the length of a dress whether long or short - some children mature earlier than others and move up into a long dress more quickly than others in their age category.

A little lip gloss or a little glitter on the little ones is acceptable. Ages 6 and up- a little light blush, a little mascara and a little lip gloss, as long as the look is fresh and clean. 9 and up- Light Make up is acceptable but the natural beauty should be the focus rather than excessive makeup.

We have asked that large fake hair not be used. If someone however does use fake hair on their child, do not reduce their score, and also do not increase their score because she has gorgeous hair, she doesn't, it is a wig.

Please do not reduce a score because of missing teeth, braces, eyeglasses, blemishes, or bruises.  All are part of a normal childhood and teenage lives.  Race, nationality and handicaps shall NEVER be discriminated against.  DO NOT count off for a child's weight; children go through weight fluctuations as a normal part of childhood and we do not support the idea of children dieting and obsessing over weight.

This is not a modeling contest, so any turn is OK. Simple turns that are done well are better than fancy turns that are poorly executed.

Walking properly on stage, smiling, waving and answering questions from the judges are just as important as how the contestant looks.


Competitions and How They Are Scored

Outfit of Choice is judged on -Choice of Outfit (25%), Personality and Stage Presence (25%), Overall Impression (50%)

Evening Wear is judged on -Choice of Dress (25%), Personality and Stage Presence (25%), Overall Impression (50%)

Photogenic and Portfolio is judged on -Photogenic Qualities of Contestant (25%), Personality in Photos (25%), Overall Impression (50%)

Interview and Speaking Award is judged on -Personality (25%), Confidence and Speaking Ability (25%), Overall Impression (50%)


What is Personality and Stage Presence? Does the contestant light up the stage?  Is she confident and full of life?  Is she charismatic?  Is her personality just radiating from her? Eye contact with judges is very important. 

I thought you said that the focus isn't on the dress or outfit, yet Choice of Outfit or Dress is 25% of the score? The judges will not be judging the actual outfit, but how the contestant looks and feels in the outfit. Clothing should fit well and compliment the child's coloring and appearance. Choice of Outfit or Dress also includes creativity and original ideas.

What is Overall Impression? Overall Impression is the whole package. Is the contestant confident? We want to see personality and sass! Stage Presence!  Does the contestant SHINE On Stage? Overall Appearance!

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